Five Insider Betting Strategies That Make You A Winner

I'll Have Another is set to make his way into the history books by winning the first Triple Crown title in 34 years. While all eyes are on the would-be Triple Crown thoroughbred, we're shifting our focus to helping you make better bets for a win at the Belmont Stakes.

These are the top 5 insider tips to win at the Belmont Stakes. Belmont Stakes:

#1: The dropped line rule

It's getting close to post time, you notice that the odds for a particular horse are declining quicker than the odds for a New York minute, it's time to pay attention. It could be a major indication that people aware are anticipating something big out of the horse. If there's a report from the backside says that the horse's wind broke the clock on the trainer track, professional handicappers tend to bet heavily on that horse, and perhaps you should too.

#2: The speed-post improvement secret

Look for a horse that has not only shown early speed in his last start, but also held his position for the first two starts. If that horse has moved close to rail (improving his post position) or has moved up in class and has lower odds than the post time odds for the previous race, you may want to pay attention to that horse.

3: sole speed rule

Find the horse that has the lone pace in the race with a lot of closers , and you're good to go. If there are several speed horses, even better; because these tend to tire out on the home stretch even though your horse is performing well and is likely to finish ahead of the pack.

#4: The up and down pattern rule

If you find an animal that was strong at the beginning and then lost a bit of ground, but returned in the final to reclaim or improve his position in its past performance, you may consider keeping an eyes on the horse since they tend to come back to be strong and could be worth betting on. It's likely that the horse was in trouble during this race but he had enough heart to pull through. Be sure to ensure that the race didn't end because of fatigued competitors.

#5: What is the talking horse?

Your horse is trying to tell you something. They don't have the ability to speak like Mister Ed however their body language and demeanor says a lot. A calm horse will notice his ears turn twitchy in response to sounds, whereas an angry horse will pin his ears to his head. A nervous horse is nervous , extremely sensitive to touch.

It is best to be wary of horses that has betflik ears that are droopy. They're tired. You should consider a different horse. The same goes for a horse with his tail in between his legs while being saddled. It's a sign that he's afraid of something.

Finally, you'll need to see how a horse moves. Bet on horses with large athletic walks. It could lead to big and healthy winnings.

Here are five insider horse betting tips to take you to the winners' circle.

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